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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Therapy - Andrew Jamieson

Welcome to Therapy Thursday where you can talk to my characters, see what's going on with them, and get inside their heads. Sometimes I'll give you updates on what's happening in their lives. Other times, I'll start writing about characters who I haven't included in books yet.

Come visit me each Thursday so you can learn about and continue your relationships with the characters you love, hate, whatever!


It's been almost a year and I still can't figure out why I was stupid enough to let go of the best thing that ever happened to me...Jeremy. I mean seriously, he was so fantastic. Sweet, hot, kind. And all becasue I didn't think he made enough money.

Ok, to be fair, it wasn't that. It was that I thought he wasn't living up to his potential. The thought behind pressure I placed on him came from the right place. It was just the wrong thing to do. I'm amazed he stayed with me as long as he did.

Don't get me wrong. Jeremy deserves the best and Craig is the best...for Jeremy that is. But it doesn't make it any easier to see how happy ther are together. And I can't bring myself to sever ties with him. He's too important to me and always will be.

I suppose it's that I'm drowning myself in work. What with the depressed economy and companies going bankrupt left and right, it's a wonder I've managed to continue to do so well at Goldman. Then again, since it's the only thing I do with my life now, I guess it's not so surprising at all. At least I'm successful in that area of my life, even if it's the ONLYT area I'm putting any energy into. That and working out.

Peter has turned out to be a great workout buddy. He's strong, enjoys pushing his muscles to the limit, and isn't afraid to sweat. My kind of man except for the fact he's just a bartender. Shit. That's the kind of thinking that pushed jeremy away. That's the kind of thinking that has landed me alone, one-dimntional. Unhappy.

Well, whatever. Peter has indicated on more than one occassion that he wouldn't be averse to hooking up. lord knows I need to. But he's a friend. i don't know if I want to go there. What if we do and he wants more form me? I can't return his feelings. He's completely wrong for me. What do we have in common besides a love of working out?

Fuck it all to hell. This thinking is only getting me frustrated. I'm off to bed.

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