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D. H. Starr is a clean-cut guy with a wickedly naughty mind. He grew up in Boston and loves the city for its history and beauty. Also, having lived in NYC, he enjoys the fast pace and the availability of anything and everything. He first became interested in reading from his mother who always had a stack of books piled next to her bed. Family is important to D. H. and his stories center around the intricate and complex dynamics of relationships and working through problems while maintaining respect and love. His favorite books tend to fall in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and coming of age. To learn more about D. H. Starr and his books, please visit his website at www.dhstarr.com if you are 18+. To view his young adult work and resources, visit www.dhstarrYAbooks.com.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wrestling Within - Morning Wake up Sex

Hey everyone: 

Started the next chapter of the third Wrestling Within book and Derek and Scott decided wake-up sex was in order. Enjoy! 

The next morning Derek and Scott had a class together. Music was one of Derek’s passions and Scott had electives to complete, so he decided to learn a bit about Derek’s talent. Maybe he’d even be able to give a shot at mixing himself if he learned enough.
Stretching his arms above his head, Scott savored the way his muscles strained in protest before shaking the remnants of sleep. His cock was straining in his boxers. The fact he had a clear view of Derek’s twin only served to fuel his horniness.
Slipping his hand along Derek’s abdomen, he wriggled his fingers under the waistband of snug briefs, deftly wrapping his slender fingers around Derek’s heated mast. Derek groaned and arched his hips into Scott’s hand, then cleared his throat. “Morning.”
“More like morning glory.” He felt a smile slip across his face as devilish thoughts filtered into his head. Leaning into Derek’s neck, he brushed air-light kisses on the soft skin, trailing a path down to his collarbone, down his chest and stomach, until his cheek nestled against Derek’s naval.
He inhaled deeply, savoring the rustic scent of sweat and arousal, then worked the barrier of fabric down Derek’s legs until they bunched at the foot of their bed. There was no instinct to draw his longing out, nor Derek’s
In one smooth motion, he swallowed Derek’s cock all the way to the base, delighting in the mixture of salt and semen stimulating his taste buds. He traveled up and down Derek’s length, each trip causing the vein at the back of Derek’s shaft to thicken and pulse.
When the first droplet of precome entered Scott’s mouth, his reserves burst. Releasing his prize, he slid back up Derek’s body and captured him in a heated kiss.
Derek tried to withdraw. “Scott. Morning breath. Yuck.”
“Does my breath stink? Shit.” He hadn’t considered that Derek would complain after waking to a blow job.
“No. My breath. I feel like a skunk crawled up another skunks ass and farted in there.” He smiled, but covered his mouth.
More determined than ever, Scott crawled on top of Derek, straddling his waist. “Do you think I give a shit about that?” He leaned down and kissed Derek once again, reaching behind him so he could fondle the hardened length of flesh brushing against his ass.
More precome adorned the crown and he used the slickness to coat Derek’s dick, then rubbed it against his own hole. Without speaking, he shifted his weight and sank onto Derek until the head popped through his tight ring of muscle. The burn only lasted a second, followed by blissful electricity flowing through him.
Derek gasped, but made no move to stop him.
Encouraged, Scott lowered his weight, stopping every inch or so to adjust to the stretch, then continuing his journey. When he finally seated himself against Derek’s pelvis bone, he paused, luxuriating in the sense of fullness and connection.
Derek’s eyes were closed and his lips pulled into a dream-like smile. Normally, Scott insisted they maintain eye contact during sex, but this morning wasn’t about tenderness. He wanted to feel Derek inside him, rough and manly, until he blew his load all over that beautifully toned chest. Or maybe he’d straddle Derek’s neck and come all over his face. He wouldn’t know until the moment was upon him, but the possibilities were endless.
Derek began to buck up in tandem with Scott’s rocking, rutting against his sweet spot with each stroke. It didn’t take long for Derek’s breath to become ragged and then his eyes to squint with that ecstatic sense of euphoria which always preceded a massive orgasm.
“Scott. Not gonna be able to―” He couldn’t even finish his sentence as his cock expanded even more inside of Scott, jutting inside him with each pulse of his release. Gargled sounds emitted from somewhere deep inside Derek’s chest as he fought to contain the shout itching to fill the room. Sweat formed on his chest and pooled in the crevice between his pectoral muscles, the rest of his skin shining with moisture.
Heat filled Scott from the inside out, and each movement of Derek’s body sent his head reeling with pleasure until his own limits were reached.
Raising himself, he felt the fullness of semen and come filling his ass. He slid up Derek’s body and straddled his neck, not recalling having decided to do so, and gripped his own cock in his right hand, stroking it feverishly as his orgasm built up inside.
Derek tilted his head up and opened his mouth, a clear invitation for what he wanted Scott to do.
All too willing to oblige, Scott angled his cock so the head pointed directly towards Derek’s awaiting lips just as the first wave of his orgasm his. The first gush of come coated Derek’s lips, the bulk splashing against his cheek. Derek gripped Scott’s ass and pulled him closer, wrapping his lips around Scott’s cock and swirled his tongue around the over-sensitized skin just under the crown.
The heat brought on a new rush of need and Scott’s body bucked a few more times, unleashing more of his fluid into Derek’s mouth. Once the waves subsided, he slid down Derek’s body and licked the stray ropes of white liquid from Derek’s cheek, then sealed their mouths together in a sloppy kiss.
Derek slid one hand behind Scott’s neck, holding him in place, as he ran his tongue in circles inside Scott’s mouth. They kissed for what felt like several minutes, the pungent flavor of their essence fueling another hard-on from both of them.
With the sense of urgency sated, Scott, slid into a more comfortable position, his head resting on Derek’s chest. “Well, that was a great way to wake up.”
Derek laughed weakly. “Don’t I know it? Now if I can get my legs to move, we can shower and then grab some breakfast and head to class.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meant For Him - - coming soon

Hey folks.

After almost a year of nothing, I've finally come out from under my writer's hole in the ground and am plugging away at new stuff. There are two stories coming very soon. The first is called Meant For Him. It follows the first title Meant For Each Other (MFEO), not exactly as a sequel, but by focusing on a secondary character from the first book.

Andrew Jamieson was Jeremy's boyfriend in MFEO. They'd been together for eight years, but while Andrew had skyrocketed professionally, Jeremy had remained content to continue in his current path of teaching. Andrew's desire to live life ion a manner parallel to his increased wealth, became dissatisfied with Jeremy's stagnation and problems brewed. It was my intent in the first book to keep Andrew a likable character. He and Jeremy weren't right for each other, but Andrew was still a good guy who needed to get his priorities in order.

In this second book, Meant For Him, he meets Peter Johnson (yes, both first and last name refer to a certain appendage). Peter is a bartender at an East Village bar and he, like Jeremy, hasn't progressed much since his graduation from college. Unlike Jeremy, Peter had aspirations but was too afraid to follow through. Andrew, afraid he'll do the same thing to Peter he did to Jeremy, tries not to push, and in the process of getting to know Peter discovers something about himself he never knew before...something that helps to explain why he and Jeremy weren't meant to be.

True to my style, I put my characters through self-doubt and angst before they find their HEA, but I feel like that torment makes the ending so much more worth celebrating.

The book is currently in revisions and will be available through Ai Press soon.

If you haven't read Meant For Each Other, it was one of my earlier books and despite the cheating in it (which I did catch some flack about) is a story I really enjoyed writing. The book can be purchased at Ai Press, Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble.