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D. H. Starr is a clean-cut guy with a wickedly naughty mind. He grew up in Boston and loves the city for its history and beauty. Also, having lived in NYC, he enjoys the fast pace and the availability of anything and everything. He first became interested in reading from his mother who always had a stack of books piled next to her bed. Family is important to D. H. and his stories center around the intricate and complex dynamics of relationships and working through problems while maintaining respect and love. His favorite books tend to fall in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and coming of age. To learn more about D. H. Starr and his books, please visit his website at www.dhstarr.com if you are 18+. To view his young adult work and resources, visit www.dhstarrYAbooks.com.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feed, Prey, Love Meet Conley Berillo

Hey everyone:

A few weeks back, I introduced you to Talib Eldrige, a two hundred year old vampire. Now meet the other protagonist of my upcoming novel, Feed, Prey, Love. Conley is a sweet, understated guy who's uber hot and a bit geeky.

Conley Berillo stared at his computer in the billing department of Miriam Hospital. His isolated, windowless cubicle was squeezed into a forgotten corner of the basement, just the way he liked it. The person utilizing the adjoining cubicle was threat enough to his solitude. While most of his co-workers bitched about the job, the depressing room, their lives, Conley was content to remain in his private little hole, away from roving eyes and unwanted attention.
His fingers danced over the number pad to the right side of the keyboard. The rapid clicking on the keys sounded like the patter of rain on a roof during a thunderstorm. He didn’t need to look at his fingers or the screen to know he input the data accurately. This was his ideal job. Consistent, familiar, predictable. A new stack of bills each day.
Listening to the steady tap of his fingers, the numbers streaming in orange across the old DOS system, Conley calmly settled into his seat. He didn’t need or want to be creative. Creativity was for people who wanted to be noticed. His whole life, he maintained a low profile.
Images from his childhood crept into his wandering mind. Recollections of an awkward, pale, wiry, boy. The last one picked for games. Never invited to parties. His only friends the characters in the books he loved to read.
Finding the hidden stack of his mother’s Playgirl magazines provided the first clue to his primary difference. The barely-clothed men on the covers captured his attention and he couldn’t resist opening one magazine to look inside. The sight of the tanned, muscled men, erections arching along their bellies, drew him in as if inviting his eyes to absorb every vein. The ridge which separated the shaft from the inflamed glans evoked longings he didn’t understand. He had been eleven at the time and spent countless days in his mother’s closet when she was still at work, masturbating to those beautiful men, fantasizing what he might do if only they were real and there with him.
In high school, rather than join the relatively active GLBT club, he retreated deeper into his own shell. He didn’t fear rejection, fairly certain he would be, but something inside grew uncomfortable around others. Even in college, where being gay was not only accepted, but seemed to be popular, he still couldn’t bring himself to join with the community. Like oil and water, they mixed together, but never truly combined.
His few sexual experiences had occurred after dorm parties. All involving him on his knees blowing a guy, but never receiving a blowjob in return. He hadn’t even kissed anyone before. Instead, he had come to expect physical contact to be sporadic, followed by proclamations of how fuckin’ wasted the guys were afterwards. The boys never talked to him when he saw them around campus, not even glancing in his direction as they passed by.
Everything in his life screamed “different”, “outsider”, “you don’t belong”. And he accepted it with little resistance.
Turning back to the mound of papers in front of him, Conley sighed and continued punching in code. A hint of heaviness settled in his chest, the thoughts of his youth and his loneliness like a vise creating an uncomfortable pressure he couldn’t seem to escape. Before he had a chance to obsess, his phone rang, causing him to jump. The double-ring meant it was an external call. Only one person would call me at work.
A brief smile crossed his lips as he picked up the phone. “Hi, Purvis.”
“How’d you know it was me? Never mind. You got a minute to talk?”
Conley considered whether to be truthful before answering. Purvis was his first, well, to be honest, his only real friend. Still, ever since he had moved into Whispering Hills, something inside him had begun to bloom. The presence of paranormal creatures opened him up. He had never questioned why he felt so awkward throughout his life; not until he lived with paranormals. They too seemed to live in isolation, outcasts like him, who didn’t really belong to the world they inhabited. Once he began to interact with the residents of Whispering Hills, the parallels between their existence and his own became obvious.
While most humans rejected paranormals—acknowledging they were real, but keeping them as far away from their lives as possible—Conley embraced them. He knew too well what it felt like to be ostracized and for the first time believed he belonged.
In fact, moving to Whispering Hills after college hadn’t been a choice. It had been a compulsion. The need to live with others like himself, people who existed alongside scrutinizing, hateful people following their every move, overpowered him. In the wonderful building at the top of the hill, diversity was embraced. Even the humans who lived there were more approachable, more open-minded and accepting of difference.
“Conley, you still there?” Purvis’s voice was light, a hint of a giggle coming through the phone.
“Yeah, sorry. I’ve got a few minutes. What’s up?” He held the phone tightly in his hand, bracing himself for what Purvis might say. If there was one thing he could count on about his friend, it was complete unpredictability.
“So, you know I’m throwing a party tonight and you’re going to be there.”
Purvis’s voice was even bubblier than usual, causing Conley’s smile to fade. The fairy was up to something.
“Anyway, I—”
“Please tell me this isn’t another one of your set-ups.” Conley didn’t know if he could handle another set-up. Not when Purvis was using his own Fairy Dust before playing matchmaker. It was as if every male in Providence became an Adonis as soon as Purvis used his dust. Unfortunately, Purvis’s lust-induced version of an Adonis usually translated into a sober person’s troll, literally.
“Don’t interrupt. And, since you are being such a prissy little—”
 “Okay, sorry. Go on.” Conley rolled his eyes, well aware Purvis couldn’t see him do so.
“Much better.” The chipper tone returned. “To answer your question, yes, this is another set-up, but this time I know the guy will be perfect for you. I’m sure of it.”
“That’s what you said about the last guy. Remember, the lanky elf who wore make-up…sparkly make-up no less.” Conley appreciated his friend’s attempts to pair him off, but he preferred his men to be men.
“I’ll admit he was a poor choice on my part. I was thinking of my own tastes with him, but this one is different.” Something in Purvis’s voice changed. He sounded more serious, as if he were truly certain.
“Who is this perfect man you have lined up for me?” As much as he didn’t want to allow his hopes to rise.
“I’m not telling you. All you’ll do is create reasons why he isn’t good enough for you. Just remember to pick up some Nectar of the Valley when you get off work and bring it over to my place. I need about ten bottles. Actually, buy eleven. You and I can drink a bottle when you get here.” He paused., then, “Just make sure you dress hot!”
Before Conley could respond, the line went dead. Turning back to the stack of papers in front of him, he continued working. He’d sworn never to let Purvis push another man in his direction. But there had been something in Purvis’ tone…something…different this time. As he worked, he couldn’t help wondering about this mystery guy. Who would inspire such certainty in Purvis? Could it really be possible after all? As the hours passed, Conley’s anticipation of meeting someone new lifted the heaviness weighing him down before the call.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sloan Parker

Ok, so here is a comparison I've made in my own warped way between Sloan Parker and Leonardo DiCaprio. When I think of Leo, I can't think of one movie he's done that wasn't excellent. Well, I wasn't crazy about The Beach, but that movie is offset by all of his other AMAZING movies. Well, Sloan Parker hits it out of the park with each and every book she writes. It's utterly amazing and makes me drool with both jealousy and hunger for her next book.

You can learn more about Sloan by visiting her website at http://www.sloanparker.com/index.htm

So, enjoy this intgerview with Sloan.

Some basics so readers can get a snapshot of you:

1.   What’s your favorite food?
Oooh, that’s a tough one. I love Italian. I could eat pasta or pizza almost anytime. Oh and the homemade tacos and burritos we make are yummy.

2.   What’s your favorite movie or television show?
I don’t really have a top favorite of either. There’s too many good ones to pick from, but I did just start watching Hot in Cleveland and am having a great time with it. Betty White rocks that show! And I just saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. It had one of the funniest moments I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

3.   In your spare time you like to?
My favorite way to spend my free time is to just hang with my sweetie. Lately we’ve been catching up on TV shows we’ve missed in the past few years. Snuggling on the couch while we watch is one of my favorite things.

You the author:

1.   Who is one of your favorite protagonists and what do they think about you? Would he or she want to hang out with you?
I don't think I could ever pick just one. I have loved all my heroes. In fact, I wouldn't have kept working on their stories if I hadn't fallen in love with them. For me each man is so unique, with his own set of admirable qualities that it's hard to compare them.  I have been surprised by some of my secondary characters, though. They came alive in ways I hadn't expected. I was caught off guard by how much I came to love Nancy and her kids, especially Adam, from Breathe. I’m not sure those kids would want to hang out with me, though. If they did, they’d want to know why I did what I did to their house. Adam would probably have a few choice words for me. Guess I’d just have to remind them how good they have it now and how happy their Uncle Linc is now that he’s found Jay.
2.   If you could have a relationship with one of your characters, who would it be? Why?
As I’ve said I fell in love with all my heroes. But…if I was forced to choose one, I guess I’d say Richard from More. All that attention and compassion and passion directed at you would be a hard thing to pass up.
3.   How much of your stories come from your own life and how much comes from your imagination?
I’d say a great deal is from my imagination. Usually my character details and the starting points for the stories begin from things like observations of those around me, from strangers, songs, movies, TV, and real-life stories. Then my imagination runs wild as I outline the story. The characters become something very unique. Their actions and reactions are driven by who I have created them to be.

4.   Do you write your stories or are you a conduit for your characters?
I was just talking about this with some writers in my local writing group. So many people talk about their characters talking to them, directing the story, etc. I rarely feel this way. I do get surprised by what comes up in the writing and what I start exploring about the characters that I wasn’t expecting, but rarely do I feel like there is this person in my head talking to me. It’s more like I become these characters or I can put myself in their shoes to tell their story, but it’s still me directing them through their actions and interactions. I create a detailed character sketch for each of the main characters , so as the plot moves along, I know how these men will react to each situation. 

5.   Which book is most unlike you? Where did it come from?
Definitely More.  Not sure how I got started thinking about it, but I wanted to write a love story where three people all met at the same time, where one of them was the most reluctant to get into any relationship, someone who was avoiding love, and tell the story from his point of view.

Getting Personal:

1.   Captain Kirk or Dr. Spock?
Captain Kirk. That man just knew how to give a look. 

2.   Which was worse? Elementary, Middle, or High School?
Middle school. God, kids are so darn mean at that age. 

3.  Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring? Why?
Fall. Love the change of colors where I live. Love the cooler weather where you can put on jeans and a sweatshirt and head outside. Love breathing in the crisp air and listening to the swish of the leaves as you walk.

Thanks so much, Doug. These were really fun questions!

Sloan Parker

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A. J. Llewellyn

Some basics so readers can get a snapshot of you:

1.       What’s your favorite food? I love Hawaiian, Chinese, Thai and Mediterranean food.

2.      What’s your favorite movie or television show? Hawaii Five-O - both versions!

3.      In your spare time you like to? Spare time? What's that? LOL...well I write, read, surf and I love to spend money at the very few record and book shops left in my neighborhood. I haunt Freakbeat Music like a plague of locusts and I could spend a whole day at Amoeba Music!

 You the author:

1.      If someone hasn’t read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why? Oh boy that's a tough question. I would probably start at the beginning though with Phantom Lover. It's still one of my favorites! I have a cunning plan you see...there are 16 books in the series. Hopefully the person will then want to read them all!

2.      If you could have a relationship with one of your characters, who would it be? Why? I would say Kimo Wilder from Phantom Lover. He is my fantasy man. And he has magic powers. He could make me really skinny!

3.      How much of your stories come from your own life and how much comes from your imagination? A lot of my stories come from my own life. Of course imagination is involved but I even went to a gay circuit party in Palm Springs as an observer and turned it into a book, The Oasis. I was a bit shocked by what I saw but hopefully I didn't show it!

4       Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? Oh yes, S.E. Hinton. I loved her books. They really spoke to me. her first publishing deal at fourteen. I got to meet her a few years ago and spent a whole day with her and she is really amazing. I found it interesting that she says she can't read her books now...they are too full of painful memories. I will probably feel like that about Bunyip, my most recent release because it is a very personal story. I struggled with losing my beloved dog of 15 years and I lost her as I was writing this book. I miss her every day.

Getting Personal:

1.      If I came to your house and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find? A jar of kimchi, blue corn tortillas, leftover salmon from last night and tons and tons of Hawaiian juices!

2.      What was the best thing before sliced bread? Unsliced bread? Right out of the oven?

3.      Captain Kirk or Dr. Spock? Do I have to choose? Really? Okay, Spock...grumble grumble...

4.      Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring? Why?
Which was worse? Elementary, Middle, or High School? Elementary. My mother died when I was six and it marked my early years...come to think of it, it marked all my years but the first years without her were awful.

5.      What is something that would surprise your readers if they knew it about you?

I would just like to thank everybody who reads my books, those who write to me and tell me they love my work. That keeps me and every other writer going. Our readers rock!

Thank you!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Ethan Stone

I'd like to thank Ethan Stone for agreeing to guest blog. Below you can learn more about him and his wonderful work.

You can learn more about Ethan and his work by visiting his website: http://www.ethanjstone.com

If you haven's read Ethan's Flesh series, you really have to . Those books are amazing. Click on the book covers to be redirected to the buy link and Dreamspinner Press or click here to be directed to his books on amazon.

Some basics so readers can get a snapshot of you:

1.       What’s your favorite food? Pizza without a doubt. Pizza, pizza rolls, calzones. Anything pizza related. I eat it way too often!

2.      What’s your favorite movie or television show? I am a total TV addict so it’s hard to narrow it down. I love Survivor and Amazing Race for reality shows. Sitcoms are Parks and Rec and The Office. Dramas: Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural. Oh, Revenge is killer too. So in depth. But I also love Glee. I know: Fairy Dust, Fairy Dust, Fairy Dust.

3.       In your spare time you like to? Spare Time? What’s that? Between my 13 yr old son, my  oh so wonderful day job (Notice the sarcasm) and writing. I don’t have much of that mythical spare time stuff.

You the author:

1.       If someone hasn’t read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why? It’s a tie between Being Taught, my first published work, and In the Flesh. Being Taught I think shows what I can do with just a little idea. ITF shows what I can do with a large idea.

2.      How much of your stories come from your own life and how much comes from your imagination?  Lately I’ve been realizing exactly how many little details of my life come out in my stories. Obviously I’ve never been arrested for murder or had to join witness protection though.

3.       Do you write your stories or are you a conduit for your characters? I am def a conduit. I just write the words the guys tell me. Sometimes it’s hard to hear everything they say however.

Getting Personal:

1.       If I came to your house and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find? Lots of cheese. Brick cheddar, shredded cheddar, shredded mozzarella, provolone. Oh, and Mt Dew of course. Lay’s Kettle Cooked Creamy Mediterranean Herb chips are my new obsession.

2.      What was the best thing before sliced bread? Ummm. Unsliced bread?

3.       Captain Kirk or Dr. Spock? Dr. Who? Not Dr. Who the tv show. I Mean who’s Dr. Spock. The shrink or the pointy eared stereotypical man of Star Trek. No emotions, never smiles. Wait that describes my ex-bf!

4.      Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring? Why? I like warm weather that isn’t too hot. So it’s a cross between summer and fall. Hate, hate, hate winter. Which where I live now is like nine months of the year.
5.      Which was worse? Elementary, Middle, or High School? Middle school. Two words—embarrassing erections.

6.      What is something that would surprise your readers if they knew it about you? I’m a collector. So many collections it’s hard to list them all. Shot glasses. Light houses. Comic books.