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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preminition - FIRST KISS

Slowly, I'll release tidbits of the book as teasers. The best way to tease is to give some of Martin and Justin's steamier moments. Here's their first kiss. One of the more innocent moments...

Justin shifted, staring out at the road as if afraid to even glance at Martin. “I’ve been thinking about you, and…” His jaw tensed, causing the muscle to bulge and relax in a rhythmic fashion. “Fuck.”

Martin pulled into an abandoned parking lot a few blocks away. Martin barely registered movement before Justin unfastened his safety belt and slid his hands behind Martin’s neck. Pulling him close, he closed his mouth over Martin’s, hot wetness sealing them together as Justin ran his tongue along closed lips, begging entrance. Opening to Justin, he allowed the waters of his pent-up desires to flood out of him and into their first kiss.

Strong hands slid along Martin’s shirt, teasing heat into his nipples. Martin tasted a musky spiciness that made things inside him spark like a road flare. As tongues wrestled, lust coursed through his veins, sparks of ivory lights flashing behind his eyes. Wave after wave of soothing release roared through him, washing doubt, fear, and solitude away, leaving only a sense of connection. That one feeling, of belonging, of being wanted, wiped away all other doubts and fears during those suspended moments of fevered passion.

His hands wandered along Justin’s body, learning new planes of muscle; the narrow curve of his hip, the firm strength of his chest, the delicate cant of his neck. Martin wanted it all.

He cupped his hand over Justin’s groin, pressing against the fabric so his fingers molded around the solid shaft. Larger than Martin imagined, Justin’s hard-on had traveled down his leg so the head reached nearly a third of the way down his thigh. He must easily be 8 or 9 inches and he’s thick too. A muffled groan escaped from deep inside, resonating inside Justin’s mouth as he imagined stripping Justin out of his pants, his cock standing at attention in front of him.

Justin finally pulled out of the kiss, his voice a purring rasp. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first moment we met.”

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