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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Therapy - Justin Franklin

So people have been asking me about my relationship with Martin and up til now I've been remaining pretty tight-lipped, but now I kind of feel like I need to set some things straight...well, maybe straight isn't the right word, but you catch my meaning.

So as you know, I kind of got the crap knocked out of me and Martin was treating me all gentle and timid. That aggitated the shit out of me by the way. But many of you are asking if I like the fact that he's so protective.

Well, to answer in a word...yes! Who wouldn't love having a boyfriend who treats them like they are something precious. But in another word, my answer is also NO! You have to understand, Martin's a big guy and likes to take charge, but he also likes to protect and for most people that's great.

As his boyfriend, there are times I don't want protection. There are times I want him to throw me down and take me. There are times I want him to forget about my feelings or my physical needs and to just use me for his own pleasure. What he doesn't get is when I look into his eyes when he's lost in a moment of passion, it's the greatest turn on in the world to me. It could happen at work when he's pissed at some tweaked out perp or it could be right after he's had a premonition and the urgency of what he's seen can be immediately read on his face.

But when he's on top of me, inside me, and he's lost in a moment of pure, physical release. Man, I come in two seconds flat when I see that expression on his face.

So if you see him and are talking about me, feel free to give him the hint that he should be a little more selfish in the bedroom. For some reason he won't listen to me. But I love the big guy. Under all that muscle and bravery is the heart of a teddy bear. My six-foot, bulked up, tanned-to-perfection teddy bear.

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