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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Spotlight - Jodi Olson

Some basics:

What’s your favorite food?

My Favorite food guess would be anything chocolate if I’m stressed but as far as a favorite nothing really comes to mind.

What’s your favorite movie or television show?

Favorite shows, Greys Anatomy, House and Glee.

In your spare time you like to?

Read, read oh and read.  LOL

Jodi the author:

If someone hasn’t read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why?

Playing House. It was my first book and its milder then my others.  LOL

If you could have a relationship with one of your characters, who would it be? Why?

Oh wow, okay I would have to say Jake from The Cooper Stud Ranch. Why? Because he is a tough bad boy doesn’t care what the town thinks of him. Also he is Hot. Or it would be Neal from Getting Wild because he was based on someone I once knew whose real name is Neal and even though he is pure alpha he is a very nice man with a big heart.

How much of your stories come from your own life and how much comes from your imagination?  

None of the heroine’s stories are based on me. The hero’s? Only the one hero Neal was based on someone I know. I’ve done a couple stories for fans with some details of what they wanted, like using their name and a few other things but all the rest is imagination.

Do you write your stories or are you a conduit for your characters?

I write what my characters tell me to write.

Which book is most unlike you? Where did it come from? 

Madame Bree and the Sheriff (wouldn’t own a brothel ever). I love writing historical westerns with sheriff’s and brothels. LOL

Getting Personal:

If I came to your house and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

Oh you want to come to my house? Will you cook for me too? LOL Not going to find much it’s pretty empty except for bread, eggs, juice, and soda. I hate to cook.

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Unsliced bread, I have no idea. LOL

Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring? Why?

Spring, the weather starts to warm up but doesn’t get too hot yet.

Which was worse? Elementary, Middle, or High School?

All of them for me. I struggled during school. Either with grades, getting picked on, no friends, no boyfriends.

What is something that would surprise your readers if they knew it about you?

In high school I worked on the school paper for all three years. I broke my leg when I was 12 in three places one bone all the way. I’m terrified of water. Okay that is three things.

To learn more about Jodi Olson and her work, visit her website at http://jodiolson.webs.com


  1. OMG...Girlfriend, I have to get with you and tech you to love cooking... yummy stuff can happen in the kitchen. Great interview!

  2. HOLY SMOKES! What an awesome interview. Jodi, I really enjoyed your answers, you're straight-forward and funny as hell. You ever step in to Nevada, you gotta join me and my lady for a BBQ, Dawne's invited also, you will have a blast. Awesome Interview!

  3. Great job Jodi i loved it. all of your books are fantastic.

  4. Awww Thanks Ray.Your are the best. Thank you Helen, you are awesome to say so.

  5. Great interview, Jodi - I have to agree about the cooking. I'm lucky, my Nigel loves to cook :)

  6. That is good he likes to cook Missy. Thanks for posting.