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D. H. Starr is a clean-cut guy with a wickedly naughty mind. He grew up in Boston and loves the city for its history and beauty. Also, having lived in NYC, he enjoys the fast pace and the availability of anything and everything. He first became interested in reading from his mother who always had a stack of books piled next to her bed. Family is important to D. H. and his stories center around the intricate and complex dynamics of relationships and working through problems while maintaining respect and love. His favorite books tend to fall in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and coming of age. To learn more about D. H. Starr and his books, please visit his website at www.dhstarr.com if you are 18+. To view his young adult work and resources, visit www.dhstarrYAbooks.com.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Night Random Thought 10-8

There are times I find it hard to fall alseep at night. On those nights I usually read, or write, or watch TV. Then it throws my whole sleep schedule off and I make up for it by crashing on Saturday and end up even more tired.

I wonder why that is...that sometimes when you get too much sleep you end up even more tired.


  1. Well, darn, your sleep is just like mine. I don't think it too unusual though. If you're like me, your mind won't be still until you're exhausted which is good. When you do manage to sleep, I hope your dreams are sweet.

  2. I *sleep* like that too, especially on Sunday nights, because I have to get up the next day, and I dread getting up to go to work. Some of my sleep problem is past memories and some is my present attitude :) I hope you get the sleep you need to keep those stories coming!!



  3. Thanks Tame. Unemployment can fuck with your sleep schedule. Luckily, that's coming to an end. I'll keep you posted on my release dates, coming soon.