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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meant For Him - - coming soon

Hey folks.

After almost a year of nothing, I've finally come out from under my writer's hole in the ground and am plugging away at new stuff. There are two stories coming very soon. The first is called Meant For Him. It follows the first title Meant For Each Other (MFEO), not exactly as a sequel, but by focusing on a secondary character from the first book.

Andrew Jamieson was Jeremy's boyfriend in MFEO. They'd been together for eight years, but while Andrew had skyrocketed professionally, Jeremy had remained content to continue in his current path of teaching. Andrew's desire to live life ion a manner parallel to his increased wealth, became dissatisfied with Jeremy's stagnation and problems brewed. It was my intent in the first book to keep Andrew a likable character. He and Jeremy weren't right for each other, but Andrew was still a good guy who needed to get his priorities in order.

In this second book, Meant For Him, he meets Peter Johnson (yes, both first and last name refer to a certain appendage). Peter is a bartender at an East Village bar and he, like Jeremy, hasn't progressed much since his graduation from college. Unlike Jeremy, Peter had aspirations but was too afraid to follow through. Andrew, afraid he'll do the same thing to Peter he did to Jeremy, tries not to push, and in the process of getting to know Peter discovers something about himself he never knew before...something that helps to explain why he and Jeremy weren't meant to be.

True to my style, I put my characters through self-doubt and angst before they find their HEA, but I feel like that torment makes the ending so much more worth celebrating.

The book is currently in revisions and will be available through Ai Press soon.

If you haven't read Meant For Each Other, it was one of my earlier books and despite the cheating in it (which I did catch some flack about) is a story I really enjoyed writing. The book can be purchased at Ai Press, Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble.

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