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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Hook Up for Andrew and Peter

Andrew’s eyes dipped to Peter’s groin for a split second , but snapped back as if he were waiting for permission to look. The thought threw Peter over the edge and in one quick motion he slid his hand behind Andrew’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

 The first touch of Peter’s lips against Andrew’s hot skin sent a shock of anticipation through him. Pulling Andrew closer, Peter’s hunger grew. He licked at the seal of closed plump lips and was rewarded by immediate compliance.

A clean minty flavor filled Peter’s mouth as his tongue washed over Andrew’s and tumbled lazily in circles. Their lips sealed and a clean wetness added to the massaging tenderness of the kiss. Tumbles interspersed with swipes and laves of tongues as the two men explored each other for the first time.

Peter slid a hand down Andrew’s back, running the tips of his fingers along the spine. When he arrived at the bone cresting Andrew’s ass, he hovered, not stopping, but not continuing along the path he wanted to travel. 

As if on cue, Andrew hummed into Peter’s mouth and leaned forward, arching his back and providing greater access to his ass. 

It was all the invitation Peter needed. Curving his hand along one cheek, he allowed his fingers to slither into Andrew’s crack, and creep closer to his opening. 

Andrew leaned even further forward, breaking the seal of their kiss and panting into Peter’s ear. 

Spurred on with inflamed desire, Peter shifted his hand just an inch more so his fingers could caress the sweet spot. At first pass, he could feel the taught pucker of Andrew’s tight hole. He pressed lightly to determine whether Andrew would clench or open to him. When neither happened, a surge of pleasure shot straight to Peter’s cock. He’s gonna make me work for it.

He ran a few more circles, then pulled his head back enough to stare into Andrew’s eyes. The greens of his irises had inflamed to epic proportions, but as hypnotic as they were, nothing could deter Peter from his ultimate goal. 

With eyes locked in Andrew’s piercing gaze, Peter pushed his finger through the tight opening. Heat engulfed his finger which was now wrapped in satin fire. Then Andrew’s hole clenched, enough to halt Peter’s movement, but not enough to push the finger out. After a few heartbeats, Andrew leaned forward, devouring Peter’s mouth while pushing back onto the invading digit.

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