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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here is a sex scene I just wrote. Thought I'd share it this random Saturday morning. It's a pure draft, I literally just wrote it, and I was trying to convey the emotional connectedness two people feel when they are making love and not just fucking.


There was no foreplay, no warm up activities or loosening of my hole. Rhys spat into his hand, rubbed his saliva over the head of his cock, then pushed into my entrance. While he didn’t thrust all the way in one motion, he didn’t hesitate to breach me and the initial burn cause me to clench my teeth, sucking in air in an audible hiss.
After the initial penetration, Rhys did manage to slow down, sliding into me at a measured pace. Without lube, each inch felt like miles of pain and pleasure blended together. It wasn’t until I felt the tickle of his pubic hair against my ass that I could finally relax, knowing he was all the way in. With painstaking control, he withdrew until only the head remained inside me, then began the process all over again.
For several strokes, Rhys plummeted into me, then pulled out, until my body had acclimated to his length and girth. I was used to being the top in our relationship and this was the second time in less than I week when Rhys had taken me.
Even more surprising is how much I enjoyed submitting to his will, deriving pleasure from knowing my body was a vessel for Rhys to use as he wished. Wrapping my arms around Rhys’s broad torso, I held on as if I were on an amusement park ride, shutting out everything except for the aromas, sounds, and sensations as Rhys picked up his pace.
With each downward motion, my body was stretched, accommodating Rhys’s powerful invasion, yet at the moment I felt I would almost burst, just before the pleasure would have turned to pain, Rhys managed to stop, as if he knew what I was feeling inside my body and able to bring me straight to the edge and back again.
Over and over, Rhys drove me to near explosion, then eased me back down. My muscles quivered from strain and use. Sweat poured down my body, my skin slick against Rhys’s. And Rhys’s eyes bore into me as if he were looking directly into my brain. Could he actually hear my thoughts?
As I thought the words, Rhys spoke them with just the same inflection as my internal voice. “I love you, Cal. More than anything or anyone in this whole world.” Heat swelled within me, originating in my heart and radiating out. By the time it had flooded my entire body, I felt as if I were on fire. Rhys grabbed my waist and slammed into me, pounding his hips against my ass. Then he went still and his cock became impossibly thick as it pulsed inside me.
With each spasm of his muscles, his dick seemed to slide even further into me. The grunts and groans threw me into a cloud of euphoric bliss, the only thing helping to cool my heated body and racing mind were the droplets of sweat which rained onto me off Rhys’s glistening skin.
Despite the overwhelming strength of Rhys’s orgasm, his eyes were locked with mine. Whatever storms of sensation flowed through the man, his focus was entirely on me. For a split second, I saw what words would never be able to express. The blue irises seemed to pulse, their color at once freeing me while holding me directly in place. And in that short moment, we were one person. I couldn’t grab hold of words or name internal sensations, but held in his gaze, I was right where I needed to be.
And then the freeze-frame rushed forward and time caught up with itself.
Fireworks exploded throughout my body, ripples of electricity rushing in waves and crashing into one another, creating a tortuous and blissful sense of being tickled everywhere all at the same time. But all that energy funneled to my core when the muscles of my hole clenched around Rhys’s still pulsing shaft.
What felt like a fireball, one which radiated the most luxurious heat, took hold in the middle of my body, filling me like air, until each nerve ending screamed with alertness. And
Pressure build upon pressure until I thought I might pass out from sensory overdrive, and then it exploded in a mixture of light, heat, and pleasure. Muscles deep inside my ass undulated, sliding in rapturous spasms against Rhys’s still-massive shaft. Each passing second, Rhys seemed to dink deeper into me as my muscles slowly lost control and my body became helpless to my orgasm. It was as if my entire body clenched and the first string of my own seed shot straight past my head, splattering somewhere on the floor a few feet away.
Rather than lessening with each wave of release, my muscled seemed to collect more energy, each body-racking wave of pleasure more powerful than the last, until finally, when black had begun to edge its way into my vision, my body settled and the waves seemed to subside.
I had no concept of how much time had passed, but according to my body, I’d just run a marathon. Slowly, my muscled stopped shuddering and I could feel cool air against my skin. The last thing to come into focus was my vision, and the first thing I saw was Rhys, an expression of happy satisfaction on his face.
I reached up and placed the palm of my hand against his cheek. Normally clean shaven, his stubble rubbed abrasively against my hand. Approvingly, I acknowledge I could deal with a scruffy Rhys. Especially if he was going to start fucking me to heaven and back like this.


  1. Hot! And sweet and very sexy as well. Nicely done, Doug!
    Very much enjoyed. :)

  2. Thanks Kathy. Glad you liked it.