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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The men of Feed. Prey. Love.


Talib is one of the heroes of the story. He’s a 200 year old vampire, originally from Palestine, who has experienced disappointment after disappointment in terms of the people in his life. But no disappointment was harder to accept that his failure when he lost control one fateful night and turned a human into a vampire. Having been turned against his will, Talib swore he’d never do the same to another. This failure sends Talib into a life of seclusion. He feels it’s better to live in isolation where he can’t hurt anyone else, rather than risk making another mistake.


Conley is a handsome human with a sculpted body. Men lust for him and Conley is never at a loss for attention, but the attention is surface, shallow, and ultimately leaves Conley feeling even more alone. What drives Conley is his fierce intellect. He loves books, etymology, and above else, he’s a master at the meaning of names. Whenever he meets someone, he can’t help but share with them the meaning of their name. Of course, once he opens him mouth, the physical interest of his potential lovers fizzles like air rushing out of a balloon. When he meets Talib, someone who immediately appreciated Conley for who he is, not just how he looks, something awakens within Conley. The problem, Talib doesn’t want to be tempted by another human.


Jonah is the vampire Talib turned nearly a century ago and is the reason he has kept himself in seclusion. As a human, Jonah was fiercely intellectual, a professor at Harvard, and extremely arrogant. When he set eyes on Talib, he knew the man (or vampire although he didn’t know it at the time) was someone he wanted. After Talib turned him, his arrogance intensified, his superficial needs and desires bolstering him to a place where humans were merely food, toys to be played with before killing them. After Talib spurns him, Jonah slinks into the shadows, waiting for his chance to exact revenge. That time comes the moment Talib lets his guard down and begins to love Conley.

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  1. Purvis? :D (Talib pic is HOT, but somehow I thought of him as darker.)

  2. Wow!! I love Talib, my version of Conley is a young Paul Walker (r.i.p.) Jonah is a cutie. What about Purvis?