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Monday, June 6, 2011

Feed, Prey, Love - hot sex scene

I just have to say, the sex scene I'm revised just now has got to be the hottest one I've ever written. I'm dying to know your impression of it?

Talib has admitted to himself and to one other person that he loves Conley, but he can't bring himself to say it to Conley. This scene was preceded by a failed attempt to block Talib's ability to read Conley's thoughts because the elixir his friend, Rayna, a gypsy, made for them didn't work. Talib has just read one of Conley's thoughts.

Conley’s expression of defeat knocked the wind out of Talib’s lungs, the uncomfortable sensation intensifying when Conley finally spoke. “I think maybe I should just go. Dinner was wonderful and I really appreciate that you tried to figure out a way for us to solve our…problem, but—”

“Stop. Just stop. I know you’re disappointed, but you can’t just leave. This won’t be solved by walking away. Or it will solve this issue only to create one which will be far more difficult to live with.”

He was fairly certain his panic showed on his face, because Conley’s expression softened and he reached out, placing a warm hand on his cheek. “You’re right. I’m just so…frustrated.”

“I know you are. I am too. Let’s work on this together. I’ve spent far too long isolating myself, holing myself up in my apartment and depriving myself of companionship.” A lump began to form in his throat making it more difficult to talk. He needed to convince Conley that they could work on this. Together. Nothing else mattered in that moment except to make Conley understand how much he wanted the two of them to be together. His urgency and panic forced a solution into his mind. Although it took every ounce of willpower to push the words out, he was willing to do anything to make Conley happy. “If you really can’t stand that I can see into your mind, I guess I can talk to some vampire friends and see whether they might be willing to—”

Conley placed a hand over Talib’s mouth. “You would do that for me? You would allow another vampire to feed on me just so you couldn’t hear my thoughts?”

“If it would make you happy, I would do anything.” The lump grew, making it hard to swallow. His eyes began to burn and he felt hot tears spill down his cheeks.

Conley leaned in and hugged Talib, then pulled back and kissed each cheek. When he drew back, his lips were glistening with the wetness of tear drops. “I can’t believe…I know how much it would hurt you…the fact you would still do it…” Conley’s voice trailed off, tears forming in his eyes as well.

Talib reached up and stopped one of Conley’s tears in its tracks, allowing the drop to fall onto his finger. Bringing his finger to his mouth, a salty tang hit his tongue, filling him with Conley’s taste. “Would you spend the night with me? Please?”

In answer, Conley leaned in and sealed his mouth to Talib’s. Where his earlier kiss had been gentle, this kiss was anything but. Hands gripped Talib behind his neck so their lips pressed tightly together. Talib opened to him and his mouth was immediately assaulted by Conley’s tongue.

As they gripped each other, Talib stood, lifting Conley with him, and headed into the bedroom, gently placing him on the bed. Lying on top of him, he pressed his hips against Conley’s, the hard bulge of his shaft met with its twin pressing back.

Their lips remained sealed as Talib reached down and began to unbutton Conley’s pants. What normally presented no challenge at all, posed a significant problem since his hands were shaking.

Knowing that Conley had almost left, that the frustration was growing to be too much, had thrown him. But it was more than Conley’s frustration that caused Talib’s nervousness. Having Conley lying next to him in the bed, touching him, breathing in his scent, made him want to roughly strip the clothes off of the man beneath him and also to handle him with the greatest of tenderness. The need to touch, to taste, the satisfaction of discovery and fulfillment, they were all experiences he had forgotten. Having them swarm around him, through him, caused his body to tremble against Conley’s.

Conley pushed himself into a semi-sitting position, resting his weight on his elbows. “Are you havening some trouble?”

Talib could feel the heat rush to his cheeks, but was grateful for the distraction from the whirlwind of thought inside his head. “I, er, um.” In response, Conley reached down to his own waist and unbuttoned his pants, lifting his hips to make the work of sliding them off easier for Talib.

Slipping his fingers into the waist of Conley’s pants, Talib pulled them over his muscled ass and down thick thighs. “My God your body is beautiful.”

Having Conley’s body to focus on grounded him. He removed Conley’s shirt so he lay naked, each contour, ripple, and crevice hot to the touch, yet appearing to be chiseled out of cool granite. Talib lowered his lips to Conley’s chest and flicked his tongue over a nipple which immediately perked up to his touch.

“No. You took care of me the other day. I want you to let me focus on you.” Conley rolled onto his side and rubbed a patch of comforter next to him on the bed.

“If you insist.” Feathery tingles shot through Talib’s body and precum travelled the length of his cock, tickling as it moved along the inside of his shaft. “But could you hurry, my body is doing things I’ve never felt before and I might go crazy if you don’t get to work.”

To Talib’s amusement and chagrin, Conley slowed his pace, taking his time with each article of clothing. Beginning with Talib’s shirt, he slowly lifted it up his torso, kissing along his abdomen as he went. He took time to lave at his nipples, biting down with just the right amount of pressure to stimulate with delicious pain, each nub of flesh becoming even more sensitive.

Conley released the nipple and worked his way up Talib’s body, slipping his shirt over his head. “I’m going to make you scream before this night is done.” Working his way back down, he spent time attending to the other nipple, before kissing his way further down Talib’s body.

Unbuttoning his pants, he took the same care in undressing the lower half of Talib’s body, placing whisper-light kisses along the sensitized skin at this navel, along his hip bones, and down his legs. Each brush of lip, flick of tongue, and nibble tortured Talib, causing him to writhe in pleasure.

By the time he worked his way back up to Talib’s groin, the only part of him still covered by clothing, Talib was gasping for breath. “You are an evil tease. You do know that, right?”

In response, Conley nuzzled his nose into the space between Talib’s balls and his inner thigh, exhaling and forcing hot air to penetrate the fabric of his briefs and heat his skin. All Talib could manage was a hazy uhhhh as he threw his head back and closed his eyes.

With steady progress, Conley removed his briefs, once again kissing his way down his body and back up until his head hovered over Talib’s straining cock.

Looking down, the combination of the glistening head of his cock and the proximity of Conley’s mouth was more than he could bear. His cock pulsed and the head lifted to touch Conley’s lips. When it flattened back down to his body, a thin string of precum remained connected to Conley’s upper lip. Rather than lick it away, Conley allowed it to remain there, staring at Talib with what could only be described as hunger; a hunger Talib knew too well.

It was a mere breath of a request, barely audible, but it was the best Talib could manage. “Please. I need to feel your mouth on me.”

Conley’s lips pulled up into a smile and his emerald eyes flared, glowing like a green fire, then he lowered his head, taking Talib into his mouth.
The combination of heat and wetness as Conley’s mouth closed over his shaft forced Talib’s head to fall back onto the pillow. “Oh, my…ahhh…so good.”

Conley continued working on Talib’s cock, running his tongue in circles around the head when he was at the top and flattening it so it massaged the underside as he lowered down, taking the shaft into his mouth. For several minutes, he continued this way, bringing Talib close to the brink, then grasping the base of his cock and squeezing just at the right moment, as if he could sense Talib was drawing close to release.

Finally, after several waves of near orgasms, Conley released Talib’s cock and crawled up his body. Taking his mouth in a fevered kiss, Talib was helpless to do anything but respond. Opening to their combined desires, he let his tongue dance against Conley’s, the tang of his own semen filling his mouth.

Conley drew his knees up so they were parallel to Talib’s ribs, kissing him all the while. He only pulled away from their kiss long enough to raise his hand to his mouth and wet it with their combined saliva.

Talib assumed he would use the fluid to stroke his own cock, but was shocked when he felt the wet hand encircle his shaft. It wasn’t until Conley broke out of the kiss, that Talib realized Conley had guided the head of his cock to his tight opening. “Talib. I never thought I could feel this way about anyone. Everything you say and do proves you really care about me; that you want me for who I am.”

“I do care about you. You’ve awakened something in me that I had worked hard to push deep down and lock away. It scares me, but it feels so right. I just don’t want to hurt you, physically or otherwise.”

Conley lowered his head to give Talib a brief kiss. “I know. Which is why I trust this will last. For the first time in my life I feel like I belong in this skin. I don’t know any other way to describe it, but with you I feel a connection that runs so deep I can’t tell where you end and I begin.”

Talib tried to lift his head and capture Conley in another kiss, but Conley pulled back, causing his tight opening to brush against the head of his cock. Uhhhh. “If you keep this up, I’m gonna come.”

Conley’s mouth pulled up into a smile again, one side sliding slightly higher on his face, giving him a sly and mischievous appearance. “All in good time.”
Talib laughed and lay back. “You’re the boss.” The comment forced more blood to his cock and it became even harder, bouncing with each beat of his heart.

“You know what comes next, right.” Conley’s smile deepened and Talib suspected he did know. He could have reached into Conley’s mind, but his own mind wasn’t working properly at the moment. Not because something was wrong, but because everything was so completely right. Conley was saying everything he had wanted to hear and each sentence simply caused him to feel more and more confident that he never wanted to lose this man on top of him.

Conley waited patiently, as if he realized Talib was engaged in an internal struggle with himself. When Talib looked up at him he continued. “Talib. Before we do this, I have one thing I want to tell you.”

Staring into Conley’s eyes, feeling the blood rushing through his own body, suspended in a state of semi-control over his own thoughts, Talib was barely capable of focusing any longer. He simply lay there, staring and waiting, allowing Conley to take complete control of the moment.

The eyes staring at him softened, but they also smoldered, boring into his. “I love you, Talib. I never thought I would be able to find love, but I have. I’m completely in love with you.”

So many words formed in his mind. I love you too. I’ve been afraid to tell you, but I’ve known it since the moment I saw you. He had never been one to believe in love at first sight, but meeting Conley had wiped that doubt from his mind completely. It had only been four days, but Talib couldn’t imagine a life without Conley in it.

The words were on the tip of his tongue, but what escaped was a blissful grunt as Conley lowered his hips, the ring of his opening accommodating the head of Talib’s cock and then sliding down, pressing tightly as it travelled along his shaft. The intensity of the physical sensations were enough to send his mind reeling, but it was the emotional punch of everything Conley had said, everything Talib had just thought, which sent him over the edge.

By the time Conley had sunk all the way down on his cock, Talib’s balls had already begun to tingle and pull up closer to his body. His erection thickened inside Conley’s body, and the head brushed against something smooth and soft. When Conley’s eyes shot open and a guttural ohhhh yeah escaped his lips. Talib knew he had hit the prostate.

An electric tingling began in Talib’s gut and radiated out, centering in his core and stimulating his hole, his balls, and finally travelling along the length of his shaft. As the tingling grew in intensity, his breathing became labored. Somehow, he managed to keep his eyes open and locked with Conley’s.

The fevered longing and need in his eyes sent Talib’s senses into overdrive. “I’m gonna…” his last word was drowned out as he shouted out in pleasure, his cock jerking wildly inside Conley’s ass, coating his insides with hot cum. His head brushed back and forth against the soft, silky gland inside Conley’s body and within moments, Conley leaned his head back, something of a wolven howl escaping his lips, as his own straining member began to pulse, shooting streams of thick, hot semen over Talib’s stomach and chest.

Reaching down, he scooped some of the heated liquid from his abdomen and lifted his fingers to his mouth. The sharp tang of Conley filled him, sending a new wave of pleasure through his body.

After what felt life several bliss-filled hours, which were actually a few seconds, Conley collapsed on top of him. Talib instinctively wrapped his arms around Conley, holding him tight. Rolling to his side, he nudged Conley so he would turn onto his side, his back pressed snugly against Talib’s chest. It took less than a minute before Conley’s breathing became slow and even.

Talib whispered one phrase before he closed his own eyes. “I love you too.” As exhaustion swept him closer and closer to sleep, satisfaction flowed through his body. One lingering doubt filled his mind as he held Conley. You’ve done it now, Talib. You love him, but you’ll lose him. Maybe not today, maybe not next year, but humans don’t live forever.

Shaking away reality, he nuzzled his head into the back of Conley’s neck, inhaling deeply and taking in his scent. The warmth of his body was the last thing Talib recalled before sleep took him.

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