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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The men of Feed. Prey. Love.


Talib is one of the heroes of the story. He’s a 200 year old vampire, originally from Palestine, who has experienced disappointment after disappointment in terms of the people in his life. But no disappointment was harder to accept that his failure when he lost control one fateful night and turned a human into a vampire. Having been turned against his will, Talib swore he’d never do the same to another. This failure sends Talib into a life of seclusion. He feels it’s better to live in isolation where he can’t hurt anyone else, rather than risk making another mistake.


Conley is a handsome human with a sculpted body. Men lust for him and Conley is never at a loss for attention, but the attention is surface, shallow, and ultimately leaves Conley feeling even more alone. What drives Conley is his fierce intellect. He loves books, etymology, and above else, he’s a master at the meaning of names. Whenever he meets someone, he can’t help but share with them the meaning of their name. Of course, once he opens him mouth, the physical interest of his potential lovers fizzles like air rushing out of a balloon. When he meets Talib, someone who immediately appreciated Conley for who he is, not just how he looks, something awakens within Conley. The problem, Talib doesn’t want to be tempted by another human.


Jonah is the vampire Talib turned nearly a century ago and is the reason he has kept himself in seclusion. As a human, Jonah was fiercely intellectual, a professor at Harvard, and extremely arrogant. When he set eyes on Talib, he knew the man (or vampire although he didn’t know it at the time) was someone he wanted. After Talib turned him, his arrogance intensified, his superficial needs and desires bolstering him to a place where humans were merely food, toys to be played with before killing them. After Talib spurns him, Jonah slinks into the shadows, waiting for his chance to exact revenge. That time comes the moment Talib lets his guard down and begins to love Conley.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alexios' Fate by Kayla Jameth

My friend Kayle Jameth has been kind enough to share her hot book Alexios's Fate with me so I can shire it with you. The excerpt below is hot. I need a cool shower now. But then again, what could possibly be hotter than a once straight man figuring out he prefers the company of men?
                                                                                                  -D. H. Starr

Alexios' Fate takes place in Iron Age Greece at the beginning of the 5th century BC. That may sound ancient and evoke thoughts of mud huts and stone tools, but it was actually the Classic Age of Greece. All the achievements that Greece is famous for occurred at this point in history. (For you Gerard Butler buffs, my story predates the 300 by nearly 20 years.)

The world that Prince Alexios lives in is exactly what any man of his age expected. They are closer to their world than the modern man is and the magic is still present. The gods and their lesser brethren still walk the earth.

Onto this stage, walk my characters:

Prince Alexios is a young man who has just come of age. He is expected to take up the duties of a man; chief among these is to take a mentor. His father further expects him to make an advantageous marriage alliance when aristocrats didn't typically marry until they were in their 30s. Needless to say, Alexios is not pleased by this.

King Lykos is from one of the neighboring city-states. He and a few other kings have been invited to Alexios' coming-of-age celebration as a possible father-in-law/mentor. His is a mature warrior and statesman, a true man's man for his era.

Galen is Alexios' slave and has been with him for better than half of his lifetime. While Alexios has always treated him well, he has still had a rather trying past few years.

Alexios' Fate is the first story in the Apollo's Men series.

The mature King Lykos has a sexy confidence that turns Alexios' head. Seduced by Lykos, Prince Alexios discovers a world of men he's never known before.
Meanwhile his slave Galen has gotten tired of waiting in the wings. He sets out to woo Alexios and win his heart.
Even Apollo can't leave Alexios alone. The young prince finds himself pursued by a god and in danger of a perilous love.
How will Alexios follow his heart when he unwittingly wins the favor of a god? Can Alexios escape the fate of Apollo's past lovers and have the man he wants?

After seeing to the fiery steed, he paused to give his own colt some of the fragrant grass and scratch his ears. The shift in his colt's ears alerted Alexios to the presence of someone else in the stable. With a final pat on the withers, he turned toward the intruder, pleased to find Lykos.
Lykos descended on him with fire in his eyes. A shiver raced through his body as Alexios realized he wanted whatever the older man had in mind. Once more his cock stirred to life as Lykos swept toward him like a wave before the storm.
"Ah, there you are. I wondered if I would still find you here. It took me longer to get away from the others than I would have liked."
"You followed me?"
"I asked your brother where you had gone."
He crashed down upon Alexios and bore him back against the side of the stall. The king slipped both hands under Alexios' tunic, grabbed his ass, and tugged their groins together. Alexios thrust against Lykos almost before he could get his hands on the hips surging against him like the tide.
"I knew you wanted me. I watched you get hard on the deck of my ship."
"Maybe that was just the excitement of being on a warship, naked in front of the whole crew."
Lykos threw back his head and laughed, startling several of the drowsy horses. "We shall see about that!"
Blunt fingers massaged and parted the hillocks of Alexios' ass before one probed his hidden valley. Like the advance scout of a conquering king, the digit explored him with a thoroughness that caught him unaware and left him breathless. When Lykos' finger passed over his opening, the tip pressed lightly. His blood thundered in his ears so loud he almost didn't hear the groan that ripped from his throat.
"Like that, do you?" Wine scented breath played along his neck. "I'll show you other things you will like even more," the dark voice promised more of the world of men Alexios had just discovered.
Alexios allowed himself to be turned until he faced the wall. Cool air washed over his lower body as Lykos eased his tunic up to his waist. Something hot and hard slid between his nether cheeks, rubbing up and down his crack. When the head pushed against his hole, he leaned back. He wanted more, but had no idea how to go about getting what his body craved.
A deep chuckle vibrated against his back. "Easy. There will be plenty of time for that. But for now we'll take it slow."
The older man thrust up his cleft a few more times. Lykos shifted and his cock slipped under Alexios' ass to rub on the sensitive skin behind his sac. He pulled Alexios' hips back against his groin until the head of his cock mashed against Alexios' balls. With a groan, Alexios placed his crossed forearms on the wall and rested his head on them, pushing his hips back into Lykos' solid body.
Alexios smiled at the sudden hitch in the older man's breathing. Maybe the control didn't rest solely in Lykos' hands.
"You want me, Prince? I'll give you all you can handle."
"I think you want me too."
"I'll show you what I want you for!"
Hard hands drifted over his hips and thighs, stroking the skin and making his body tingle. He pushed back against the strong body holding him, shoving the head of Lykos' cock into his balls again. Twin moans entwined in the dark air.
"Squeeze your legs together tightly." The sexy rumble commanded instant obedience and a thrill shot down Alexios' spine.
Girls had never had half this effect on him when he fucked them. Why were men so much more arousing? Did he enjoy the take-charge attitude of the man holding him? Did he prefer hard bodies and firm hands over feminine softness? The answer to his questions rose ever-proud before him. Precum leaked down his length and pooled in the dark hairs at the shaft's base.
One hand grasped his hip and held him steady as Lykos drove his engorged cock between Alexios' thighs. The other hand wrapped around Alexios' damp cock, gliding up his shaft to squeeze the head with a gentleness unexpected in hands used to the sword. The firm grip slid back down to the base, the moist friction heaven on Alexios' skin.
His panting breaths matched the gasps of the older man as he thrust with growing fervor into the king's hand. Lykos let him set the pace. He stood while Alexios' hips snapped forward into his hand then drew back against him, rubbing the man's hard cock over the sensitive skin and into his balls.
"Come for me, erômenos."
With an inarticulate cry, Alexios pulsed out string after string of pearly cum. Dazed by his release, he wondered how much cum a man could spend in one day before he ran dry. When the last spasm left him weak, he slumped back against Lykos.
Muscled arms encircled his waist and kept him upright as the older man plunged between his legs with increasing urgency. His balls swung back and forth under the onslaught. Lykos surged forward and buried the entire length of his cock within the sheath of Alexios' sweat slicked skin. Hot cum bathed his balls as the man holding him twitched his hips forward in a series of shallow thrusts.
Lykos' weight on his back bore them both down against the wall, pinning Alexios beneath the king's larger, heavier frame. Content to be held in place while their harsh breathing slowed, Alexios marveled at the speed at which he had yielded to the man.
"You called me 'erômenos.' I'm not your beloved. You aren't my mentor yet."
Lykos nuzzled the back of his neck and nibbled on his ear. "Is there any doubt? Theocritus enjoys bringing a youth to heel. Andronikos doesn't have the taste for taking an erômenos. Philon is too old and his daughters already wed."
After their breathing slowed, the king stirred. Lykos stepped away from him, allowing his tunic to drop back down into place. Alexios' cum covered cock and balls grew clammy. He reeked of sex. He hoped his father and the other kings would think he had indulged with one of the slave girls. His standing with his father, not to mention his father's plans to acquire an advantageous alliance, would suffer if any of the other kings discovered what he had just done. He resolved to garner an alliance with the man who had just shown him a world he wanted to become part of.
"I believe you are competing in three days. When I see you there, naked before everyone, I'll remember that you wore my seed."
Alexios endeavored to settle his tunic to hide the evidence of what they had just done. The cum on his cock and balls made the cloth cling suggestively to him. He searched in vain for something to wipe the thick fluid off. After noticing the amusement on Lykos' face, he settled for washing with some of the water from the large collecting tank. He might not be wearing the man's seed any more, but the smell clung to him and his clothing.
"Now, my young prince, return to your father's house. I will remain here a little longer."

Lykos aimed a playful swat at Alexios' ass as he left the stable.

A knight and a former princess, Kayla Jameth now spends her time writing m/m romance. A true Renaissance woman, she has done everything from cross stitch like a proper lady to welding with the best of them. An eclectic life has left her with a unique understanding of the world inhabited by men and an appreciation for the difficulties faced by men in m/m relationships. It is her devout wish that her experiences translate into a richer telling of such tales. A minor in classical history left her with a special love of ancient history, especially during the classical period.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Experience With Autism and Special Needs

Fact about Autism
There is no blood test, no scan, and no image that can detect autism. Diagnosis relies on behavioral observation and screening

As an educator, I have come into contact with autism in all of its multiple forms. In fact, I love the term "spectrum" which is used to describe the wide variety of degree and impact this condition has on the individuals affected. Students diagnosed with autism generally receive special education services and have Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs as they are called in schools). Like any child with special needs, there are multiple hurdles which must be overcome in order for a person to reach their full potential. Some of those hurdles are addressed by professionals who are trained in supporting people with autism, but other obstacles can only be overcome if people change their views on what it means to have "special needs".

Just about every group of people who deal with people with special needs, have misconceptions about what that actually means. Students fear being labeled and parents fear their students will lose self-esteem or get stuck in a track that will hold them back from achieving their full potential. Unfortunately, even some teachers hold different standards and expectations for children with special needs. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Well, that would probably be okay work in this class, but this is really good work since it was the special ed class who did it."

People with special needs can achieve everything that people without special needs can achieve, they just require modifications to how material is presented because they learn differently. My experience with autistic people is they can fall between the cracks because they are quiet and don't draw attention to themselves. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they can be highly functional academically, outperforming students at their grade level or even in higher grade levels, but who act out due to a different sense of socially acceptable behavior. These kids get labels as quiet and average or smart and trouble-makers. But if a person has autism, they are neither. Instead, they require the correct set of supports to adequately challenge them and to present material in a manner which suits their personalities and needs.

If I could impart one message to everyone, it is to remember that if someone has special needs, whether that classification is given due to autism or any other condition or diagnosis, it doesn't equate to lesser abilities. So when you hear people holding lower expectations for people with special needs, even if they are doing so with good intentions at heart, speak up, educate people and let them know that we all have special needs from time to time. Heck, I'm a bitch at least once a day so, when that happens, people need to adjust their approach with me or risk getting their heads snapped off. I may not have an IEP, but that doesn't mean I don't have specific needs at different times.

My two protagonists in my newest novel, Feed, Prey, Love which is now available through Ai Press, amazon.com, All Romance, and Barnes & Nobles, are very similar to people with autism, actually. Talib, a two hundred year old vampire has isolated himself from society, not feeling like he belongs and feeling misunderstood by both humans and other paranormals. Conley, an understated human, wants to find someone to accept him for all his quirks, but has learned that men only see him for his beautifully sculpted outer shell. Once they get a glimpse at his peculiar intellect, they run for the hills. It isn't until these two men meet that they find the person who provides what the other needs and then both are able to flourish. Of course, I had to throw a villain into the mix to threaten their happiness, but what fun would a romance novel be without that kind of tension?

For more information about my new release and other books I have written, you can visit my website at www.dhstarr.com. If you would like to purchase Feed, Prey, Love, you can purchase a copy at www.ai-press.net, at amazon.com, All Romance, or Barnes and Noble.

I will give a free copy of Feed, Prey, Love to someone who responds to this blog. I'm interested to hear what your experiences have been with people who have special needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.